I’m currently the Creative director for User experience architecture and UX Writing at the BBC. I lead a team of information architects who are committed to making the BBC’s tools, content and experiences more meaningful and connected. I’m also helping to establish the UX Writing discipline in UX&D. Both roles give me plenty of opportunities for understanding and improving how teams work, getting the most from specialist disciplines and working with people who inform and inspire my own practice every day. I concentrate on making sure our efforts are coherent, connected, efficient and resilient.

I specialise in information architecture, system and service design. I have spoken at conferences in the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand and across Europe.


I previously worked at The Workshop, a design agency based in Sheffield. I specialised in information architecture as well as imagining, writing and creating content for communication and learning. I worked on projects for organisations like DWP, Morrisons, Parliament Education Service, Sheffield Hallam University and the BBC.

Before joining The Workshop I worked for Dead Earnest Theatre. Dead Earnest use live performance techniques for teaching, training and behavioural change. I carried out research into non-linear narratives and how stories can be used to change the way we think, feel and behave. I’m still interested in this, and though I’ve worked across these companies and sectors I’ve always been interested in using ‘content’ to entertain, educate and inform.


Most of us do fairly well exploring the world, avoiding traps and dead-ends and remembering the important stuff. I want to create digital experiences that feel just as intuitive to explore and enjoy.

I believe that creativity is about diverse and organised thinking, and that creative organisations succeed because of diverse and organised teams. In the future I want to continue to develop my own creative practice and help teams and organisations to make the most of their potential.