Throughout June, July and August 2019 I’m carrying out research into the practice of information architecture. I’ve created surveys to help me to collect stories, advice and processes to help people to become more confident and capable IAs.

I’ll be writing up my initial finding on this website – and then finding other ways to share the responses and insights. Each question will get a page where we can continue the conversation. But before that and to ensure I don’t bias responses – surveys are the best way to engage in this project.

I’ve split the research into the following themes – with a survey for each. Each survey has just five questions or fewer, so even if you spent five minutes on each question and answered them all you could tackle a theme in less than 30 minutes. Plus, participation is voluntary – as are all questions, so you can always skip questions and just respond to the ones that are most engaging.

My research themes are:

Advice and Experience

Process and confidence

Communicating, convincing and evidence

Labels, descriptions and collaboration

Growth and development